The Sabrina Difference

Photography is my passion and has been for many years. I’ve received some acclaim both locally and internationally because of the high standards I hold my work to and the quality of service I provide to all of my clients. When a client tells me what they want, I treat that request with the utmost respect and make sure that the photos I produce align with that request completely. This takes adaptability as no two clients have identical needs.

I read the way the light plays on my subject and I work with it to produce stunning images. While I take my work seriously, I also engage in it joyfully with a sense of gratitude that I have a career I love that lets me spread joy to others!

Clients often say I’m fun and easy-going and I’m always ready to make them smile. Before long, they can sometimes forget that the camera is even there! Of course, the best way to understand The Sabrina Difference is to work with me yourself. If you have a photography project you’d like me to work on, I’d love to hear from you!