People & Lifestyle

people & lifestyle

Photographing people in staged shoots lets me play with the entire spectrum of facial expressions and body language to produce unique images that capture a subject’s essence or a special theme in print. In contrast, Lifestyle photography offers me the chance to capture the images of people engaged in ordinary interactions or real-world situations in an almost journalistic (but still artistic) manner. My People and Lifestyle Photography covers all of the following:

Portraits & People

Using my passion for shooting in a natural environment setting, I can work with individuals, couples or groups to stage a moment and capture it beautifully. My portraits can involve more or less artistic styling depending on their intended use.

Proms & Special Occassions

From proms and formals to special occasions, my lifestyle photography skills come into play as I quickly recognise and photograph beautiful moments in real-time, engaging with my clients to best understand their personality. My approach is fun and relaxed, allowing me to guide them in unforced and natural poses.

Community Events

Having worked extensively with community organisations of various sizes, I can easily meet with your team to discuss the scope of your event and any key aspects you need captured.  Combined with a selection of high-quality portraits and lifestyle images, these can make up a wonderful visual reminder of your event.